Compare TA locus with selected subject genomes to find conserved and specific TAs.

Step 1: Input Your TA locus
Example: example.faa
Toxin and Antitoxin are both necessary for defining a TA locus, so component and relationship must be reflected in the specified format in the sequence. The format is as follows:
">TA_1_T_123456789" for Toxin in pair 1 while ">TA_1_AT_987654321" for cognate Antitoxin.
If you submit your TA locus sequences without marking these information, your sequences will be identified as TA locus by sequence order with Toxin in front of Antitoxin.
Example: 4 sequences with ">example1",">example2",">example3",">example4" by order, will be identified as ">TA_1_T_example1",">TA_1_AT_example2",">TA_2_T_example3",">TA_2_AT_example4".

Step 2: Choose Your Subject Genomes
Enter the NCBI Refseq Genome accession no. separated by "return" (UPPER/lower case sensitive).
Or select from.
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Step 3: Set Parameters (Optional)

(1) E-value for BLAST = (0.000001~0.1)
(2) Maximum length of potential toxin/antitoxin = (30~500 aa)
(3) Maximum distance(or overlap) between potential toxin and antitoxin = (-50~300 nt) (overlap_gap nt, in this case, it means gap between 20 nt overlap and 150 nt. )

Please click "Run" after the required file has been uploaded.

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